I fully respect your personal data and your right to privacy. I wish to ensure that my visitors’ data is safe and for this I have adopted a very strict privacy policy, which is described in detail below:

1. Information Collection

When you fill out the contact form or the online payment form, I collect information from you so that I can respond to your requests. The information gathered includes your name, email, your phone number and / or your credit card number.

In addition, information from your computer and browser is automatically captured and recorded that includes your IP address, the technical features and software of your computer and the pages you’ve have searched for.

2. Use of the Information

Any information I collect from you can be used to:

  • Personalize your experience and respond to your particular individual needs,
  • Improve my website and my customer service,
  • Receive payments via PayPal or credit cards,,
  • Contact you by phone or email
  • Inform you, with your consent about offers, research and changes regarding my services

and generally for the well intended and legal use of the opportunities offered by the internet to promote the services I offer.

3. Notification to Third Parties – Information Protection

I expressly state and guarantee that I am not selling, trading or transferring to third parties any information that I collect and reveals your identity. In addition, I’ve put in place a number of security measures to keep your personal data secure, including sophisticated encryption, hosting the site in a recognized hosting service and keeping computers I use in a safe environment. Finally, your payment card information is processed through Paypal, which has the most up-to-date protection methods from malicious users and is NOT stored on my site.

4. Use of cookies

I use simple and elementary cookies that improve my website access and anonymously recognize regular visitors, in order to increase the data flow rate. The use of these cookies, however, is not in any way connected with any of your personal data that reveals your identity.

5. Consent

By visiting my site, you consent to this privacy policy..