Elxis is the artistic byname of the music composer George Gavras. George Gavras was born in Athens, on the October of 1969. He graduated from the Vrilissia High School and pursued advanced technical studies in the area of electronic systems engineering. After serving his military tour of duty in the Hellenic Navy, he worked in several posts as an electronic security systems technician, as an electronic systems maintenance manager and as a sales coordinator in various small and middle sized enterprises. He also cooperated with the security department of the Hellenic National Museum as a consultant of electronic surveillance systems. His current professional activities involve with information technology and its applications in security and surveillance systems.

George’s major passion is the artistic music composition and creative expression. Consequently, in parallel to his main professional activities, he followed specialized study programs and seminars focused on sound editing and mixing, whist working in a variety of night clubs and local radio stations as a music coordinator, sound technician and program manager. Concurrently, he devoted his energy to composing, arranging and digitally processing original music creations. His greatest dream is becoming a full time music composer in the forthcoming future.

The artistic creativity of George Gavras is focused on the Techno, Electronica and Trance genre. His compositions draw inspiration and are influenced by the ambiance of the 80s music scene, as well as the representatives of the 70s electronic music composers’ generation. The works of George Gavras are nostalgic, yet contemporary, artistically comprehensive and properly muddled through. Their acoustic perception in combination with their audile diversity render them noteworthy and popular. The remarkable final result is straightforwardly anticipated as music for George Gavras is not a mere profession exercised for subsistence, but a passion, a potential for social interaction and a way of expressing his concerns, aspirations and desires.

George Gavras has composed more than 250 notable tracks of electronic music. His first artistic allotments were realized in 1996 (Ultramundane Magma – “Trance Experience 1” music collection) and 1997 (Prismatic – “Trance Experience 3” music collection) with the support of the Discobole music store and Sony Music Enterprises. In 1998 and 1999 he circulated two more tracks as part of the music collections “Regroovable Market” (5fth Element) and “Cool Calm And Collected” (Cyclotron). In 2013 he published three E.P.’s in collaboration with “Kamrani Records” and one more in collaboration with “Electro Call Records” music company. His compositions have received positive reviews and favorable remarks both by the music Press and the audience.

In 2013 has been released 3 E.P.s by Kamrani Records!

The 1st E.P. “Electric Clouds” has been released in Beatport, I -Tunes, Amazon and other digital stores on the net, in 25-06-2013.

Track List:

1.Crystal Clouds (Original Mix)
2.Cosmic Particles (Original Mix)
3.Emeradus (Original Mix)
4.The Outpost (Original Mix)

“Chemical Tunes” 2nd E.P has been released in 13-12-2013 By Kamrani Records.

Track List:

1.Dreamtopia (Original Mix)
2.Name It (Original Mix)
3.Old Style (Original Mix)
4.The Power X (Original Mix)
5.Voyager 4 (Original Mix)

The 3rd E.P. “Holographic Shapes” has been released in 30-06-2014 By Kamrani Records.

Track List:

1.Brain Signals (Original Mix)
2.Ceptonic Aurora (Original Mix)
3.Certain Moments (Original Mix)
4.Frozen Shadows (Original Mix)
5.Kinetic Fields (Original Mix)

Also one more E.P. Including four tracks in Italo Disco Gentre and Synth Pop, has been released in 25-05-2013 By Electro Call Records.

Track List:

1.Cosmic Enviroments (Original Mix)
2.Photonic (Original Mix)
3.Same Old Memories (Original Mix)
4.The Archive (Original Mix)

In 2015 George Gavras created the elxisproject.gr website for promoting and distributing his music handiwork and continues to produce exciting compositions varying in a wide range of the electronic music spectrum. His main tracks, many of which can be acquired through Paypal, are mentioned in the track index. The music of George Gavras is a fascinating journey in a sensual world worthy of exploring and appreciating.